Ideas for standing against the storm - from Navan Union of Parishes

Lady Chapel of St Patrick's Cathedral Image courtesy of Lady Chapel of St Patrick's Cathedral
We are asking parishes to let us know what sort of things are happening to stand against the storm of the Coronavirus.
With the cancellation of weekly services across the Church of Ireland all sorts of imaginative ideas are coming up for Sunday worship.
Tthe rector of Navan Union of parishes, Canon John Clarke, has had an imaginative idea to encourage worship.
He has encouraged his parishioners to use their Prayer Books and Bibles and to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral website  On the website their worship is livestreamed (broadcast on the internet). 
Services can only be viewed and listened to while they are in progress. Sunday Service is at 11.15 a.m. The daily service is just Evensong at 5.30pm at the moment. Due to the Choir School being closed during the pandemic, Matins (usually at 9.00a.m.) is not available at the moment.
Choral Evensong on Sundays is at 3.15p.m.
All Service Times are on their website and on which there is a regular updated list of "Regular Services for the next 7 Days"
This is an opportunity to participate in worship, and to feel we are part of the wider Church family.